Extended Stay Training

Your dog comes to our facility for a minimum of 6 weeks to be trained on Basic Obedience
commands.  The Basic Obedience Training includes voice commands of Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Off
and Autosit.  These commands are all taught while on a leash.   

While not in training, your dog is able to play at our doggie resort (as long as it is dog friendly).  

We can also work on specific behavioral issues such as chewing, nipping, mouthing, barking,
humping, jumping on counters, etc...  

After training is complete, we bring the dog back to your home and train you on what it has
learned.  Remember, all the training in the world does no good if it is not followed up by you!!   We
ask that anyone who interacts with the dog on a daily basis be present at the return visit (about
1-2 hours long). All fees associated with this type of training include boarding and food! Plan your
vacation around your dog's training and come home to a new and improved dog for about what
you'd pay just for boarding! Call us for details related to your specific needs at 1-866-326-1166.


Boarding Options:

Cageless Option:

We can provide a "Cageless Boarding" for your dog.  Do you have a special situation that requires
this type of boarding?  Call us and tell us about it.  We may be able to help you.

Stay & Play Option:

The dogs at Sit Happens LOVE "Stay & Play!!"  Dogs who are well socialized are able to run and play
in a supervised, cageless environment.  This type of boarding is similar to our Doggie Daycare
except they spend the night.  Stay & Play dogs have the opportunity to exercise all day long and
are kenneled to sleep at night.  There is even a beautiful inground pool for summer-time fun when
the weather cooperates but if your dogs doesn't like water, no worries.  We monitor the heat and if
it is simply too hot outside we bring them into the air conditioning for brief cool down periods
during the day.  

All dogs must be evaluated upon arrival to ensure they "play well in the sandbox" with the others.   

Dogs must be neutered / spayed if over a year old to be eligible for "Stay & Play."

Socialization is the key to raising a happy dog!  Interaction with staff and other dogs         
will benefit your dog tremendously!!

Kennel Boarding:

This option is perfect for older dogs, dogs who are not neutered/spayed or dogs that are not well
socialized. Our kennels are gigantic! They have plenty of room to walk around and stretch out even
if your dog is a GREAT DANE!  We take the dogs outside individually several times a day to get
some fresh country air!

Did you know we also offer these options while your dog is staying with us?

* Nail Trims
* Brushing
* Extra Baths
* Ear Cleaning
* Vet Visits
* Special Requests

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Boarding

If I live in NYC, how do I get the dog to you?
We pick up your dog right from your house and bring them to our relaxed country setting for what
our clients refer to as "Doggie Summer Camp." Typically we are there Mon/Wed/Fri excluding Major

What if my dog has medications?
Not a problem at all.  We just need to know instructions for administering them as well as how they
should be given (with peanut butter, treats, etc...).   We do
not charge an additional fee for
administering medications.

Do I send my own food?    
You can either send your own food or we can provide dry dog food.  Some dogs tend to have a
sensitive stomach.  If you do send your own food, please pre-package each serving in a ziplock bag
with your dogs name on it.

What about bedding?
We provide all the blankets, comforters or food bowls your dog needs. If you do send something
from home, don't be upset if it doesn't come back!! We are NOT responsible for blankets or
bedding destroyed!!!

What Vaccinations are required?
ALL dogs must have Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella shots to Board or participate in our Doggie
Daycare.  A copy of your vaccinations
will be required.

re Reservations Required?
YES!  Reservations are required for both Boarding and Doggie Daycare.   Please remember peak
times (summer and holidays) tend to book fast so plan in advance! (That doesn't mean we can't
take your last minute requests, so you can always call us to inquire.)

Can my dogs sleep together?
If you are boarding more than one dog and would like them to sleep together, no problem.  Just let
us know when you make your reservation.

Will my Yorkie be with the big dogs?
Dogs are separated according to size.  Small dogs with small; big with big.  Unless your Yorkie
thinks it's a Great Dane!
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